Bulk Sales

Bulk Sales 

Most of our products are available in bulk for our individual customers. We call them Bulk Retail Pricing. Anything not listed below is NOT available for sale.

Bulk retail flour products come in 5 KG bags and the minimum order is 3 bags or you can purchase in 22.7kg bags. Bulk Retail grains are packaged in 5 Kg bags or 22.7 kg bags.

You can mix and match your minimum 3 bags to get different flours. You DON'T have to buy 3 bags of the same flour.

We also have Bulk Wholesale pricing for businesses. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Your order will be brought to the next available farmers market or you can pick up at our farm.
To achieve bulk pricing, orders will need to be 15 kg or larger. NOTE: YOU MUST ORDER BY 5 PM TUESDAY TO PICK UP THAT WEEK.

Bulk Retail Flour - $4.75/kg (Park, Soft White and Rye flour)
Red Fife Flour - $5.50/kg
Spelt Retail Flour - $6.25/kg
Spelt Berries (dehulled) - $6.00/kg
Buckwheat Flour - $8.00/kg
Bulk Retail Oat Products - 3kg bags $20 or 15kg bag - $70.00
Park Wheat Berries (HRS)- 20kg bag - $60.00 or 5kg - $20.00
Red Fife Wheat Berries - 20kg bag - $60.00 or 5 kg - $20.00
Rye Berries - 20kg bag - $50.00 or 5kg - $18.00
Soft White Wheat Berries - 20kg-$50.00 or 5kg-$18.00
Whole Buckwheat (cover crop seed or for sprouting) - 22.7kg bag - $100.00

Animal Feed - Layer/Broiler and Pig rations. $600/tonne

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