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To special order our products for farm pick-up or Strathcona Market pick-up, simply use the order form below. All orders must be received by 5pm Tuesday for pick up/market delivery that week.

Pancake Mix - This has been referred to as "the best ever" pancake mix by the vast majority of people that purchase it. A wonderful mix of freshly milled wheat flours along with flaked Oats and organic Golden Flax. Organic grains milled within hours of purchase make these pancakes completely addictive! Just add milk and eggs! 1kg - $10

Sturgeon River Cereal - A magnificent blend of cracked heritage and ancient grains including spelt, white wheat, flax, buckwheat and rye. Remarkably healthful and a hot gourmet treat for breakfast any day of the week. 1kg - $10

Park Wheat Flour - An heirloom or antique wheat developed in Alberta in the 50's, before artificial genetic manipulation, this is organic whole grain flour milled fresh daily. This is the freshest baking quality flour available anywhere...guaranteed. Made from a heritage variety of Hard Red Spring Wheat. The protein for this wheat is perfect for bread and general baking.
1.6kg - $10  4kg - $20  

Red Fife Flour - A truly old wheat likely from the Ukraine. It arrived at Mr. Fife's farm in Ontario in the early 1800's and became the foundation of all new-world wheat varieties. Slightly lower protein than Park but still a customer favorite!
1.6kg - $10  4kg - $22

Spelt Flour - An ancient wheat from the Bronze Age. This is a lighter coloured flour with a light and slightly sweet taste. An excellent flour for pancakes, waffles, whatever! Our version of all-purpose flour. 1.6kg - $10  4kg - $25

Soft White Wheat Flour - Whole grain flour made with organic Soft White Wheat berries. More flavourful and aromatic than its Hard Red counterpart, this is a lighter coloured, lower protein flour that is superb for fine baking like shortbread, pie crusts, lemon/banana loaves, cookies, etc.
1.6kg -$10  4kg - $20
Whole Grain Rye Flour - Just what it sounds like, nothing but whole kernels of organic Rye grown here on our farm freshly milled. Like the Pastry Flour, this Rye Flour is light and fluffy with a distinct spicy, nutty flavour. We have really enjoyed our baking projects with the Rye. Check out our Rye Pancakes post!
1.4kg - $9

Einkorn - The most ancient grain we grow and mill. Extremely rare and antique. This grain is gaining in popularity and we certainly want to grow more of it moving forward. Excellent in Pasta, bread and other general baking projects. My personal favourite.  1.6kg - $16

Buckwheat Flour - An ancient grain considered a super food and is not a wheat at all. Not even related to is related to Rhubarb. It grows fast and provides the soil invaluable nutrients and weed control in our organic rotation. Buckwheat Flour 1kg - $10

Buckwheat Groats - We no longer sell buckwheat groats. If we achieve a dehuller on the farm someday, perhaps we will offer them again. As of now, we simply mill the buckwheat whole and sift out the hulls for our Dark Buckwheat Flour.

Organic Golden Flax - whole grains of golden flax for your culinary enjoyment! 1kg - $10 2kg-$19

Organic Red Lentils - a very nice lentil, sweet and firm. We get many comments of surprise at the quality of these lentils. 1kg - $7

Organic Farro - Organic Einkorn berries. A complete rice substitute in our household. Local and sustainable. 1kg - $10

Organic Oat Flour - freshly milled organic oats - 1.4kg - $10 

Barley Flour - stone milled fresh on the farm. An ancient barley for specialty baking. 1.6kg-$10

Dehulled Barley 1kg - A great, local rice substitute! 1kg - $7

Traditional Rolled Oats - Big hearty flakes of oats for the best oatmeal you've ever tasted.
1kg - $8 or 3kg - $20

Quick Rolled Oats 1kg - Rolled thinner for quicker cooking or lighter baking. Same amazing taste though. 1kg - $8 or 3kg - $20

Steel Cut Oats1kg - Scottish oatmeal! 1kg - $8

Wheat Berries 1kg - $6 or 20kg - $50

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