Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The New Loading Ramp

This is the loading ramp I was talking about earlier. It only took me 2 hours to build and is fairly simple. I made it about 36" high which should cover most farm trucks. I had to build it so we could load the large sow into the stock rack in the back of a customer's truck who had come to pick up a 60 pound Large Black Boar. Loading the little boar was easy, we just threw a big sack over him and put it over my shoulder to carry to the truck bed. Getting the sow up the chute was not as easy but it worked finally. I was happy to see the ramp easily handle the weight of both me and the 250 pound sow!


  1. now you need an old axle to clamp on so you can pull it around anywhere you need it!

  2. I did think of that Fluggie...but in the end I decided that wood runners would be cheaper and the ramp really doesn't need to move anywhere at all. If, in the event that I need to move it somewhere to load/unload animals, I will have to manhandle it onto the trailer. It really isn't all that heavy.