Friday, April 20, 2007

Chicken Season 2007!

Chicken season is underway once more. Yesterday, Cindy travelled to Rochester Hatchery in Westlock to pick up 314 day-old chicks. This year we went back to the Cornish Giant breed. Last years chickens did not grow the way we had hoped. Slower growing genetics combined with organic feed minus the growth hormones and supplements made for a season that was just too long for us to handle effectively. We have had good luck with the Cornish Giants on our own feed in previous years but we didn't like the fact that they were bred to grow so fast and do have so many health problems when placed on accelerated/medicated feed in big commercial operations. We wanted to support the smaller, less popular breeds. Fortunately for us, the Cornish Giant breed works very well on organic food. The breeding genetics make the bird grow quickly, but the organic non-medicated feed keeps growth in check and produces a very nicely finished bird. Combined with all the fresh pasture that they can eat, the end result is simply scrumptous.


  1. Just a minor correction that "contrary to some popular belief, commercial broilers are not fed hormones. In fact, there are no hormones approved for feeding to chickens by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in over 20 years."$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/pou3598

    Of course free range organically fed chickens do much better than factory farm alternatives (and taste better). I'd eat your chickens over a factory farm option any day!

    They may not feed them hormones in factory farms, but I do know they are typically fed antibiotics (and not sure what else).

  2. Well yes, that is indeed the wrong word. Please substitute hormone with "stuff". Instead of "growth hormones", it will now be know as "growth stuff" LOL
    Thanks for keeping me honest! cheers.