Tuesday, October 12, 2010

still harvesting and a house update

The grain harvest continues. We have been having good weather lately, but with such a heavy oat crop I have been slow to finish the field. I have about 2 hours left to combine and would have finished on Sunday if it hadn't of rained just a sprinkle...enough to stop me for the night. Yesterday, I spent the day helping with the stucco on the straw bale house. We are now finished with the scratch and brown coats of stucco on the interior of the house. The windows and doors and some interior framing will go on this week along with the stucco on the exterior. Lot's happening.


  1. It looks great! Let me know when the harvest is done so we can come over and see!

  2. You get over here and get that kid of yours to help us get moved in before winterr! He's been loafing around long enough! You guys are welcome any time! See ya soon I hope.