Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A new customer!

Sunset at Gull Lake
We are very proud to introduce a new customer of ours. Clarissa and Thomas of Gull Lake Centre purchase freshly milled HRS Flour, Rye Flour and our famous Pancake Mix for use at their camp. It looks like a wonderful place for a kid to spend a week in the summer! Please have a look at their website and support them if you are able.  


  1. hello John ,
    thank you for going out of your way to meet us and deliver us your awesome product. We tried your pancake mix and we love it. I did my first batch of bread with your flour, this is the real thing...., I love it, even I have to fine tune it a bid Thank you again .

    In regards of Gull Lake Centre come and enjoy the camp and the best camp food in Alberta, we already had awesome bread but now wait until you try our new Organic Multi seed with Gold Forest Grain ingredients. Thats bread !!!

  2. No problem...thank you for your purchase! The bread will work out fine for you as you tweak your recipes for dealing with real flour. Many other bread bakers are enjoying wonderful baking with our flour so I know you will too. A little more moisture and a little more kneading is typical with our 'entire grain' flours. I can't wait to pay you a visit this summer. I will make a point of it if at all possible. You are doing some tremendous things down there...I applaud you!

  3. Gull Lake is a great camp - we've been there twice as a family. The food has always been good, but it looks like it's getting even better!