Friday, February 06, 2015

A new stall at Strathcona Farmers Market

We've been at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market for about 4 years now. We started the first few months being shuffled around a bit and eventually found a permanent home along the wall on the East side of the market next to August Organics. It was a standard 8' stall and served us well for a few years. However, I was sure starting to find it cramped in there. Our products somewhat limited because we just didn't have the shelf space. Over a year ago, I applied for a corner stall. These corners are highly sought after and almost never become available. A couple weeks ago, the market manager Stephanie let me know that there was a corner available and would I be interested in being considered for it?

Our old spot on the east wall
The new corner spot...under construction
It would seem like an easy decision, but one thing I've noticed is how customers are used to seeing things in their particular place. I was a little worried that once we moved, there would be folks who would see our usual stall occupied by someone else and then just assume we've gone from the market altogether. After assurances from the market and talking to several other vendors who offered to help spread the word about our move, I've gone ahead and pulled the trigger. Yesterday morning, before the big storm, I spent several hours moving our fixtures, painting and setting up a new layout on our corner. I still don't have it exactly the way I want it, but I also didn't spend a dime (other than paint). It will be a work in process for awhile until I can figure out an optimal layout.

The plan now that we've moved is first to make sure our customers are aware of the change and then to implement some new products and to maximize the available display space. I hope to add a couple video monitors to be able to show our customers how we farm organically, how the grains are milled and how our farm is progressing.

There is a process to be able to add products to our stall, but they are all related exactly to what we are doing currently so I am not anticipating a problem there. New products will include poultry feed, new pancake mixes (buckwheat, etc.) and perhaps other mixes like cookies and muffins. These products will compliment our existing flour and grains.

So...when you arrive at market this Saturday, we will be at the far North end of aisle #2. Right across from Gull Valley Greenhouses and immediately behind/beside Peas On Earth. This is still the same alley, just at the far end, away from the large doors.

I hope you'll help us spread the word about our products and our new location. We're still a small, growing company and we rely on as much help as we can get from our amazing customers! Thank you.

John Schneider

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