Wednesday, June 28, 2006


As many people know, my family has raised hogs for many generations. Dad sold the farm many years ago and we had raised them in barns for as far back as I can remember. These two facts meant that when I decided to get back into hogs on a pastured basis, I was basically starting over. I decided to obtain a breed of hog called the Large Black Pig. Not a very original name indeed. We set about with our fencing and feed program and got our first hogs, two sows and a boar. We have no plans to expand our hog operation to a great degree. I just like having them around and with sales of breeding stock, we don't need that many anyway. More about our pigs in future posts.

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  1. Would love to hear more about why you choice the Black Pig for the "Pasture raising method" we are thinking of the same thing only came close to a kune kune pig that eats a lot of grass but they look to much like pet pigs. Look forward to hearing more.