Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pigs Are Ordered!

After an absence of porcine critters on the farm for the past year, we have finally ordered our weaners! I met with Alan of Irvings Farm Fresh over the weekend at a local farmers market. Alan raises pastured Berkshire pigs and operates a commercial meat processing/sales facility that is on-farm. It looks as though he is doing quite well with his operation. When I asked Alan about stock for sale, he admitted that he had 4 weaners for me from a litter that is a week old. I went ahead and told him that we would take all four...three barrows and a gilt. They will be ready to bring home sometime around Christmas. That gives me time to get their barn ready and the feed and watering systems back on-line.

We will raise the barrows on our certified organic feed and whatever pastures that will be available during their stay at Gold Forest Farms and then process them for sale. The gilt we will probably keep, and in the meantime we will look for a suitable young boar and perhaps another gilt or two. Since we sold our Large Blacks I have been anxious to get pigs back and I had my heart set on another heritage breed like Berkshires.

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