Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Farming with horses continued

With some of the intriguing comments on the previous post I did a little digging. I came across numerous websites dealing with the subject of farming with horses. But this particular article on the website Rural Heritage really caught my eye. It deals with the pure economics of draft animals vs. modern internal combustion traction. Again, I am not smart enough to tell if it completely covers the entire discussion of true costs of draft animals and tractors but it seems fairly comprehensive.

The Article by Chet Kendell

Below is a video from JohnNorthcote. Percherons "Jake" and "Oliver" for the first time on the disc. Working nicely!

Andy Egger mowing a LOT of hay with his beautiful horses.

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  1. Lots of up to date info and old stuff too in the Small Farmers Journal printed in Oregon. Numerous ads for equipment and articles about people really farming with horses. But you probably already know about that periodical. But if you don't here is the link: