Friday, January 13, 2012

a discussion on organics

I had a visit last week at market from an Agronomist who used to work for Monsanto. She said that she doesn't like the company anymore, but she still wouldn't agree with me on some of my points regarding the benefits of organics and the issue of modern wheat varieties causing our modern dietary sensitivities. I have to truly wonder if she isn't still brainwashed by the company she claims not to respect any longer? Hmmm. Anyway, she went on arguing with me on my points regarding modern wheat varieties. Once she started losing that argument, she started in about certain studies she was aware of and whether or not organic agriculture has increased nutrition over conventional, chemical based farming.

I don't mind people disagreeing with me...when they're correct. One thing I cannot stand is uninformed or ignorant opinions. Opinions that lack common sense. Come at me with a point that makes sense and it is probably the right opinion. Here's an example of some of the criteria I use to form my opinions. Usually in the form of I'll pose some questions to you.

What makes more sense to you?
Organic agriculture is in fact more nutritious because the practice of organics involves the increased health of the soil...micronutrients and microbiology. OR...modern, chemical agriculture produces more nutritious food because it simply injects P, K and N in the form of petroleum based fertilizer and soil-sterilizing Ammonia? 

Which statement makes more sense to you?
Humans have de-evolved in the past 20 years to the point where many of us can no longer safely digest grains and certain nuts. OR
Certain grains and nuts have been biologically changed through intensive breeding practices and chemical and genetic intervention to the point where our bodies can no longer safely digest them?

Don't talk to me about the effectiveness and correctness of certain studies either. We are all aware that any study and almost any statistics can be manipulated to say what we desire them to say. Which study would an intelligent person, concerned about their health and family's well being choose to believe?
A study sponsored by a huge, multi-national corporation with a team of lawyers and scientists at their disposal? OR
A study sponsored by a relatively small University or industry based organization, likely regional, but certainly independent?

People are afraid to believe something other than what they already believe. I do not understand that fear. What if I am wrong about my views on the world? How would my world be negatively effected if somebody more intelligent than I came up to me and made a series of points that made me understand the errors of my ways? Wouldn't that be a good thing? Shouldn't we all wish for that sort of enlightenment? 

While I will always consider the source and choose to form my opinions based on common sense and independent studies, I will always seek out opposing viewpoints and have an open mind. By all means...give me an argument. Just don't be wrong about it.  Comments?


  1. Couldn`t have said it better myself.

  2. Even if they're right, I'll still choose soil health over chem fun.

  3. I agree with you completely. This last couple years I have taken a critical look at what goes into the products I use on and in my body. Since then I've made some serious changes and the resulting change in my health has been amazing!

  4. I have also taken a strong look at what I eat and use now. There are times when I haven't been able to figure out how to avoid some of the chemicals, but I sure do give it a lot of effort now.
    Thanks for the article.

  5. Ahhhhh....somehow i hadn't connected the dots from heirloom wheats to the stubby, dwarfs of today and all the genetic manipulation and mutated coding. I'd done so for other foods but not wheat. That was remiss...Thank you so much. And what good timing. I was all set to embark on learning to make sprouted flours but now I'm first going to off to experiment on my body, with heritage grains.

  6. Ahhhhh....somehow i hadn't connected the dots from heirloom wheats to the stubby, dwarfs of today and all the genetic manipulation and mutated coding. I'd done so for other foods but not wheat. That was remiss...Thank you so much. And what good timing. I was all set to embark on learning to make sprouted flours but now I'm first going to off to experiment on my body, with heritage grains.

  7. That's good Janet. You will now develop your own feel for what makes sense for you. Good luck.

    Alex and Juice...I am happy that you are taking your food seriously. It is terribly important for all of us.

  8. when I first read about your farm I couldn't believe it, you live only 9 miles from us. We are on an acreage and had just that morning, (after reading wheat belly) thought we'd check the internet to find out how we could purchase ancient grains to try and grow them! How ironic. Anyway to make a long story short, I was tested by a biopsy twice for celiac disease, the first two times it came back negative, the specialist then told me to go home for six months and eat as much wheat as I could bread, cake etc. I always had made my own bread so that was no problem (or so I thought). Went back to have another biopsy and of course the test was positive, but he said just barely (whatever that meant) I am Celiac but I don't exhibit symptoms like most Celiacs do, we went to Europe, I ate breads, croissants, pastas had no problem. Last June I was diagnosed with diabetes so decided to stop eating grains completely, meats, veges fruits thats it - now they have upgraded the diagnosis to glucose intolerance, not diabetic anymore. That tells me whatever has been affecting me is in the food no question about it - now I would really like to try wheat again but I am not sure how to test to see is its affecting me the wrong way or not. I grew up on a ranch so the food we ate then is sure not like the food we eat today - thank god for people like you who are actually trying to change things - I hope to see you sometime at the Strathcona Market again thank you.

  9. Gluten Free diets are extremely high glycemic. 81% of people on a GF diet gain weight. It isn't good for you. Along with that, you are missing all of the insoluble fibre that are vital for intestinal health. Lots of research that we've read says that our Entire Grain flour products will help with diabetes and glucose issues because of the extra fibre. Lots to think about but it boils down to the question of "what have we evolved eating as a species?". Roots, plants, grains, the odd bit of protein that we could catch or scavenge. It really is that simple.

  10. Hi!
    Just thought I would add a comment re the nutritional value of GMO products vs non. Even if lab tests indicate the GMO grains etc may have more nutrients, they are still all wrong, because a person's digestive system and metabolisms do not recognize the GMO as food, and cannot efficiently metabolize them! Therefore, GMOs are viewed by the body as foreign, and as such attacks them rather than digests them properly, hence inflammations, allergies, intolerances, GERD, heartburn, etc. These tend to mask themselves by appearing to be "noral" allergies and intolerances, but they are responses to the genetically altered cellular & chenmical structures within the modified "foods."

  11. Hello John Schneider,
    I purchased a 1 kg bag of Organic Quick Oats at Strathcona Farmers' Market this morning. Can you please give me the cooking instructions for two servings i.e. the ratio of water to oats and the length of cooking time? Thank you.

    1. Hello, Unknown. How to cook oats? However YOU like them! My kids love it "raw". I boil water in my kettle and pour it over the oats just before breakfast. That's how they love it. I like mine a little softer, so I drink my herb tea during breakfast, and eat my oats 10 minutes later. So: you cook it as long as YOU wish to your own preference. Experiment. Have a bit leftover? Add it to your bread recipe for that day. Gives a nice soft texture to your bread. Also experiment with adding raisins, chia seeds, flax seeds etc.

  12. Thank you Tessie...brilliant answer. My fav after-school snack was raw oats with milk and some maple syrup. Our kids do the same. can cook them for 1/2 hr until they are mush...your preference!

  13. All of us who have had unexpected dietary challenges in the past few years have looked for answers to our food challenges never before encountered! I am formerly from east central Ab. near the Sask border. Now grain crops are "desicated" ( sprayed w/ roundup to kill the grain to hasten harvesting! Twice our crops are "sprayed"! Plus GMO!...One can well imagine why our stomachs are groaning! I am just thrilled to find you and will support you with my $$$$! Have already picked up some stuff at the BON TON! So far so good! And WHAT FLAVOUR! I had wondered why bread had become so tasteless! NOW we know! I salute you folks!

  14. Are your products free of glyphosates, i.e. not sprayed with round-up?

  15. Rachelle...nothinng we produce is sprayed with round-up or any other chemical input. We are a certified organic farm.