Wednesday, February 10, 2010

farm is sold!

Last night we had a visit from our realtor and he had an offer for us to consider...actually it was 2 offers! After two years of listing our place for sale, umpteen different let downs from people that we thought were serious, countless interruptions from people wanting to walk through our house (usually at the last minute) our place is finally sold. It is actually sold too...unconditional we can live with...big deposit sitting with the lawyers and a possession date that is flexible up until June 25th.

Now the panic sets in. We need to secure some financing based on the offer we have to purchase land. Then we can start slowly moving equipment, tools, animals etc. At the same time, we also need to finance enough money to be able to get the drawings done, pay the moving company, secure a builder, order materials, etc. etc. There is so much to do, but we are excited because this is the start of our dream that we've been dreaming for about 5 years. A cute little strawbale home, off-grid(ish), no debt, grain land and closer to my family. Very exciting for us indeed.

Now I will ask for some help from everyone out there. I will be posting ideas that we have for this that and the other thing and we would sure appreciate hearing from anyone with suggestions for doing things based on experience. Heating with wood? Capturing rain water for household use? Off-grid living? We have been researching all of these things and many more for years...the one thing we haven't done enough of is hearing from other folks who have actually done all of this. What would they do differently all over again...things of that nature. Wish us luck and we'll have fun updating the process along the way.


  1. Congratulations! Now the fun begins - what a way to usher in spring with a new beginning to your dream.

  2. Yes, things have really kind of come together for us lately. I am really not sure why things happen they way they do, but it always seems to happen for a reason. "The Secret" works is about all I can say...don't know how, just know that it does. You are right about a great way to usher in Spring!!!

  3. Congrats! As far as off-grid living goes, one of the greatest local resources is Aurum Lodge located near Nordegg. They built an entire secluded retreat in K-country off grid - the whole deal - solar, grey water, great stone wood stove, composting toilet, the works. Along the way they recorded all they did and have a notebook on site and some limited info on their website as to what they accomplished. I'm sure if you got in touch with them they'd be more than happy to help with real world knowledge.