Friday, January 21, 2011

alberta avenue farmers market

I was down at the market last night to check things out and to do a prisoner exchange with Avenue Homesteader...she had cash and I had flour. It was a perfect chance to see the market first hand. To see the vendors present and what kind of customers would come through the door. I have to say how impressed I was, especially at the customer base. It was a fairly steady stream of clients coming through the door and all of them had their recycled shopping bags with them, a sign of market pros. Everyone seemed to be leaving with their bags full and the vendors were busy. 

I was especially happy though to see The Queen of Tarts herself behind one of the tables. Linda, with her infectious smile, was happily plugging away at a consistent lineup at her table. Her breads were beautifully displayed and it was as if you were standing at the table of a market vendor somewhere in Europe. Gorgeous, dark Rye breads, crusty and light. Batons and Baguettes. 

The only thing better than looking at the table of royal breads was on the way home when I couldn't resist the smell any longer. The crunch of breaking open one of her Miches' and feeling the tender moist bread give way under my fingers. Then the taste. Pure bread Nirvana. If there is a place that good wheat goes when it dies, it is Queen of Tarts breads. I simply cannot wait for her bakery to open on 104th street.

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