Friday, August 11, 2006

The Final Product

Here is a 20 pound bucket of Certified Naturally Grown honey. It is a rich golden colour this year...last year, it was definitely a lighter colour. I am not sure why the difference, but it has to do with what flowers the bees visited and also the fact that the frames of honey comb darken with age and therefore, the honey also darkens. I personally like the darker colour of honey, but it is interesting to note that the lighter honeys demand higher prices commercially. In different parts of the world honey comes in a multitude of colours...some of it is dark brown. Alberta is one of the leaders in the world for honey production. There are hives everywhere!


  1. Have you heard of any Colony Collapse Disorder issues in Alberta?

  2. Yes, we have been hit by this problem here in Alberta. Our farm only has one hive on it and it survived last winter. It is a bit of a mystery but the latest theory is in-breeding.