Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Stock Trailer

Just an old 2 place horse trailer built in the 70's, it has served us well as a transport for everything except horses. I saw this trailer sitting at a neighbor's place with a "for sale" sign on it and was immediately interested. I am always on the look-out for a deal and if there is any way that I can "horse trade", I will. I knew that this neighbor was a mechanic and had heard that he was looking for a quad. At the time, I was the owner of a mid-90's Polaris quad. I am here to tell you that unless you are a mechanic, you probably do not want to own a mid-90's Polaris quad...maybe it was just my particular machine, but what a mission to keep the thing running. I approached the neighbor with the deal and to my delight, he agreed. The trailer was worth quite a bit less than the market value of the quad, but I didn't want him to think badly of me in case it was beyond his ability to restore so we traded straight across. The last I heard, he had gone through the machine with a fine tooth comb and had repaired or replaced all he needed in order to get it running properly. Our new trailer was painted and I replaced a few light lenses and it was road worthy. We transport our chickens to market, our pigs and now cows and it seems to work very well.

I pull this trailer with a 2000 Ford F250 turbo diesel. It is my old truck and has been retired to farm duties now that I have a new chev 1/2 ton. When the Ford was newer, I spent a little money on extras. It has a performance exhaust and it is re-programmed for more performance. Needless to say, it pulls the little stock trailer quite easily and it is a great highway unit. Up and down hills without a complaint and quite reasonable when it comes to operating costs.

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