Monday, August 14, 2006

Look at the corn now...

it is really getting up there! I am exactly 6 feet tall and it is a good foot or more over my head. It is healthy and strong and I am happy with it in all respects except that I won't get any corn from it!!! Oh well...sometimes experiments just don't work. Here it is August 14th and I have a month of growing season left at most. The corn still hasn't extended the flowers. I am unsure what that is called, but I know that you need the flowering in order for pollination to occur and the cobs to form. There is just no way that all of that is going to occur in the next month. I knew it was a long season corn, but I still thought that there would be the odd stalk that matured earlier than the rest. Doesn't look like that will happen now. I will leave it grow and see what happens, but in the end, I will have to open the gate and let the cows and pigs have at it. Next year I will plant a shorter season corn and try again in another field.


  1. The 'flowers' are called tassels.. :o)

  2. Yes..thank you. Alberta isn't known as a corn producing area! Now I know!