Saturday, February 19, 2011

work on the house continues

We are indeed still working on the house. Little by little we are getting things done. Cindy took some time over the past couple of weeks to work out the paint colours that she thought would work and for the past couple days we have begun our interior painting.

Now, for the duration of this blog, I have always told everyone that we would share with them the good and the bad. This picture should confirm, without a doubt, the integrity of me and my blog. Yes, this is how I look at home on a Saturday afternoon, in the dead of winter, with a paint roller in my hand.

I tried to photoshop this picture. You know...thinner, without the plaid shorts and black socks. But, then I had a change of heart and decided that perhaps some humility would trigger an outpouring of sympathy for my wife and kids. I am indeed the poster boy for nerdy Dads everywhere. I realize now that there is nothing I can do to change that...for now.
Still haven't figured out quite what to do with where the stucco wall meets up with the drywall interior walls. Any suggestions?

At some point in time this spring, when I am out in the field busy seeding or doing spring cultivation I will stage some manly sort of picture. Me posing beside the might and strength of a large diesel powered tractor with the sunset in the background and a steady breeze tussling my hair. In the meantime, this is what we all have to put up with.

Still haven't figured out quite what to do with where the stucco wall meets up with the drywall interior walls. Any suggestions?

Have a great holiday weekend everyone.


  1. John,

    Are you going to post more exterior photos of the house. I'd be interested in seeing that. Oh, and I'm no interior designer, but have you considered just painting the inside the same color as your shorts. That way, it would look like you were magically hovering...

    Just a thought.

  2. Hooray for nerdy dads! Looks great and shows how cozy it must be if you're in shorts and socks :)

  3. Oh yes, Tim...we will be doing quite a bit of work on the exterior. We have to install the cedar shakes on the gable ends of the roof and we still have lots to do with landscaping and the final coating of stucco. There will be lots of upcoming exterior shots.

    Yes, yesterday with the sunny afternoon it was very warm in the house. A little too warm for me, but the girls are always happy being warm.

  4. on the stucco to drywall transition, you'll never be able to hide that junction, so go the other way - emphasize it. either paint it as you've done, or go for some sort of corner molding. A piece of 1x4 on the drywall side will make the line clean and straight for visual appeal. Paint it before you put it up -- lots easier that way.

    If the stucco is really rough, rip a 45 degree angle on the side facing the stucco. That way bumps and stuff don't make the board stick out and if it's still rough, you can scribe the board to make it fit into each swirl of the stucco without having to remove a lot of wood. the triangle you cut off the edge of the board is hidden by the board, so the point of the triangle is the only part touching the stucco side.