Sunday, February 13, 2011

jersey latte

As I mentioned earlier this afternoon we paid a visit to some local Jersey milkers on a small farm nearby. They gave us a parting gift of some fresh Jersey whole milk. 

We had the preconceived notion that the milk would taste different or smell different and not necessarily in a good way. In the past Cindy and I have both experienced whole raw milk that was less than pleasant in both taste and smell. So, with some hesitation, we skimmed off the thick layer of cream and shook up the milk that remained and poured a small glass for each of us. It was amazing. The brilliant white colour and the sweet smell of pure milk...not cow...just milk. Not grass or barn or anything else, just milk. The taste matched the other sensations, pure joy of milk.

Right from the time I laid hands on this jar of milk this afternoon I knew I wanted to make a latte with it. We make latte's on a regular basis. We have a really good latte machine that we have had for several years. It works without problem day after day. It is the Starbucks Barista model. For the life of me I cannot figure out why a coffee company like Starbucks would decide to start selling machines that make it so people do not have to continue being Starbucks customers??? Since we bought the machine, I have not had a store purchased latte. 

So here, in all their local glory is our after supper latte. Local Jersey whole milk, local honey, not so local espresso beans. 


  1. Why did you skim off the cream? Jersey milk is famous for its cream. Just shake it up before serving. You're lucky having a Jersey milker nearby!

  2. I'm surprised that you would have accepted the milk. Dairy cows are mistreated animals.

  3. It is too bad that you have that perception that allows you to generalize things to such a great degree. What you meant to say was that "some" dairy cows are mistreated. These 4 cows wandering loose in the sunshine yesterday afternoon coming to us and their owners for friendly neck scratches looked far from mistreated. Fresh open field spaces, fresh hay. They have a wonderful life...just like our cows.

  4. wobbly...we skimmed off the cream because I don't like drinking whole milk. I do not find it as refreshing as ice-cold skimmed milk. Additionally, I can think of nothing better than a fresh, hot cup of coffee and farm fresh cream and honey. To us, milk and cream are two wonderful byproducts of whole you they are the same. To each their own.