Thursday, March 24, 2011

new products for this week

At Alberta Avenue Market tonight we will have a limited quantity of Wheat Bran available! We are playing around with the sifting of some of our products. We sifted some of the pancake mix.actually it was the Soft White Wheat Pasta and Pastry Flour. The byproduct of that sifting is wheat bran.  Rest assured that the whole grain flours are indeed still whole grain or as we like to say "entire grain". 250g packages $4

Also for Alberta Avenue and Saturday's City Market, we will have more of our pancake mix available. We have been receiving some great tweets about our pancake mix. People who purchased our limited quantity last weekend are really enjoying Gold Forest Grains pancakes! 1kg packages $8

Also, you might not recognize our table at the markets this week. We are getting fancy. Fancy new red plaid table cloths! We wanted to get more of a country type feel to our stand to better represent what we are all, fresh, farm-milled whole grain flour.

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  1. Oh geez, if you're getting all country on your customers, be sure to pinch your cheeks so they're all rosy. And shine your boots. And clean yer fingernails, fer gawd's sake....

    But seriously, I love it when farmers' market vendors get "into" their displays--to make them welcoming and beautiful and interesting to customers. I've always loved displays like Whimsical Cupcakes and Inspired Market Gardens. And Sunshine Organic's little patch of green grass with the eggs on them. Three years ago or so, I made a pledge to have fresh cut flowers at my stall every market day (nothing fancy, usually flowers that bees like), and I CAN'T TELL you how many people stop to comment on the flowers, even if they're ditch weeds that I cut on the side of the road at 5am.

    So way to go with John and Cindy with yer fancy tablecloths and all!