Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Geoffrey McGill's baking!

Farmer Poached Eggs on Crusty Toast
Back in December Geoffrey came up to my table to purchase some supplies for his day long baking course he was hosting for some friends. That morning they had spent some time at Old Strathcona Farmers Market picking up the ingredients they would need for the various dishes that Geoffrey had planned. What I didn't expect was that he would take such wonderful pictures of the finished baking and share them with me. What a wonderful surprise! So, here they are for everyone to enjoy. 

Buon Pizza Margherita 

Pull Aparts

Dinner Buns

Crusty Rustic Bread

Focaccia with Roasted Market Vegetables


  1. noice! looks great....esp the pizza!

  2. Every bite of this looks great. I can smell it cooking now.

  3. I know right??!! I hate this post. I've put on 5lbs since I posted the pics...every time I look at that pizza I begin to drool. Insane. Looking forward to getting to know Geoff better. I would sure like to weasel my way into his culinary circle of influence! LOL

  4. I was fortunate enough to be part of this bread baking experience and the only thing better than the incredible bread we produced was the gentle, kind, expertise of our instructor. Geoff is a bread guru in skill but a romantic in soul. Nothing but the best ingredients will do and that's what Gold Forest Grains provides!

  5. I got that sense about Geoff! LOL He seems like a very easy-going person. Thanks for participating in his class and our little blog!

  6. I love your flatbread pictures. It makes me hungry just to see them. Thanks for this great article.

  7. ok...but just so we're clear. These are Geoffrey's pictures! LOL Don't want to take credit for these beautiful creations or their pictures!